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I am an incomplete quadriplegic, and I have been seeing Brian McKenzie for exercise physiology sessions for the best part of a decade. My high level spinal cord injury is a lifelong disability. I have greatly reduced sensation and function in all of my body below my neck.
I am incredibly fortunate in that I am able to walk. However, I have ongoing issues with balance, mobility, stamina, and strength.
Working with Brian on a long term basis has enabled me to realise tangible benefits in these areas and improvements in all areas of my life!
He is very perceptive and quick to identify where improvement is possible. He is also quick to identify deficits that need immediate work, particularly if I have been a bit off my game. As I approach my senior years it is very important for me to maintainstrength balance and stamina to avoid falls or other injuries.
Working with Brian keeps me focused and motivated in maintaining core strengths and capabilities.
He has a warm, sympathetic and engaging professional attitude and I would not hesitate in recommending his services to anybody who is looking to benefit from exercise physiology.

Norval Watson
Byron Bay


I first came to see Brian after making very slow progress recovering from knee surgery. I had limited mobility and struggled to keep up with my kids. I missed all the family activities like bushwalking and beach play, and was very demoralised. 
As well as regular sessions in the gym, Brian gave me exercises to do at home, and the motivation and encouragement to actually do them, and I am happy to say that after 9 months of regular sessions I now have full mobility, am in the best physical shape of my life and stronger than I ever have been.

Belinda Ann
Byron Bay


I have been attending Progressive Fitness Solutions on a regular basis for almost a decade. During that time, I have found Brian McKenzie to be highly professional and competent. He ensures the training sessions are not only challenging but also fun. My fitness has improved significantly as a direct result of attending these exercise physiology sessions.

I have met a large number of Brian’s clients who all appear to thoroughly enjoy his training techniques. One of Brian’s strengths is an ability to tailor an exercise physiology program to suit a person’s needs from various different fitness backgrounds. 

I have had a number of injuries over the years and Brian has always been able to easily adapt the program in order to maintain my fitness level without aggravating those injuries.

I can highly recommend Brian McKenzie as an expert in exercise physiology for people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness.

Ben Robin